7 Awesome Surf Gift Ideas for your Favourite Surfer

If you’re looking for inspiration for what to buy your favourite surfer, whether that’s your best surf buddy who you always hit the waves with, your surfing boy/girlfriend who loves you almost as much as they love as surfing, a family member who spends more time in the sea than at home, or some other crazy surf fanatic you know, here are 7 awesome surf gift ideas for you to choose from. After reading this blog post, you’ll be sure to have a great idea for what you can buy them as the perfect surf gift.

7 Awesome Surf Gift Ideas...

1. Surf travel kit / Surfboard care kit

I thought I’d start off by talking about surf gift ideas at the smaller and cheaper end of the scale first. Depending on your budget, you could either buy just one of these as a gift, or if you really wanted to splash out, you could get all of them and maybe package them in a nice handy little bag or wallet.

Surf essentials that any surfer needs (and even if they already have them, can always do with more) are surf wax, a wax comb and a fin key, so these are great little things to give a surfer as a gift. 

The surf kit you can see to the left is by West Path and contains all of these essentials, plus a couple of great extras, including some organic sunscreen.  This is all packaged in a stylish water resistant wallet and this would make the perfect surf gift if you didn’t want the hassle of having to buy all of the bits of the kit separately.

2. Surf Bag / Backpack

If your favourite surfer is an explorer and like to go on surf adventures to find perfect uncrowded waves, or even if they just like to make sure they have all their gear with them when they head to the beach, then a surf backpack might be a good gift to get them.

There are lots of options out there, but a backpack with a drybag feature (to put wet surf gear in and to keep the other things in the bag dry), is a great idea.

It’s also handy to have plenty of pockets, to store all of those surf essentials mentioned above, plus all the extras, like spare fins, water bottles, sunscreen and anything else they like to have with them.

Some bags, such as the Koraloc even have straps to be able to attach their surfboard so they can walk with their hands free.

3. Surf Changing Robe / Poncho

A surf changing robe mean a surfer can get out of their wet surf gear, without having to wrestle their wetsuit off while also trying to hold a towel around themselves at the same time.

This not only makes life easier, but in colder climates, it also means you can stay a lot warmer and more comfortable while you do it. Not only that, but it helps solve accidentally flashing others on the beach, if you lose your grip and let go of your towel my mistake!

Surf changing robes come is all kinds of different styles and designs now. From a cheap and cheerful plain black towel poncho, to more colourful patterned print surf ponchos for those who like add a splash of style, all the way up to the more expensive zip fronted Dryrobe changing robe, with tech features like a warm fleece inside and water resistant outer.  

4. Wetsuit Hanger

You may think a hanger is just a hanger right? Well you’d be wrong when it comes to a wetsuit hanger.

A wetsuit that’s wet can be heavy, so not only is it likely to break a normal hanger, but it can also damage the wetsuit, by stretching the neoprene as it’s hanging, especially in the shoulders, where the hanger cuts in.

Therefore a strong hanger that is designed to hold the wetsuit flat (as shown in the photo below) is a good idea.

Other options include the Hangair, which has uses a high-power waterproof electric fan to completely dry the suit far quicker than conventional air drying, or the Dry Bag, which has a strong hanger inside of a breathable bag, that speeds up drying, collects the water and provides a storage solution all in one.

5. Surf Books

When a surfer isn’t surfing, you can pretty much guarantee they’re still thinking and dreaming about being out in the water catching waves. Images of waves passing through their minds, one after another, like sets coming through.

Help feed the stoke in their imagination with a good surf book, full of photos of some the most incredible waves and surf spots in the world. 

I can’t think of a surfer who wouldn’t want to look through page after page of perfect waves, so that’s why I think a surf book would make a great gift for a surfer. They look great on a bookshelf to bring the surf vibe to a room too.

6. Surf Magazine Subscription

Following on from the books theme, another great surf gift idea for your favourite surfer is to get them a subscription to their favourite surf magazine (if they haven’t already got one of course!).

That way, each time a new edition of the magazine comes out, not only will they get to see the freshest surf photos and read about what’s been happening in the world of surfing recently, but each time it drops through their letterbox, it will also remind them how rad it was of you to get them a subscription in the first place! It’s a total win win situation. It’s also often cheaper per issue to get magazines delivered via a subscription too.

Now all you need to find out is which is their favourite surf magazine, so that you can see if they have a subscription available.

7. Surf Art

The final surf gift idea, which I feel is one of the most personal and thoughtful of the surf related gifts that you can get for the favourite surfer in your life, is a piece of surf art.

This will show that you’ve really put some thought in to trying to pick out the perfect piece for them to hang on the wall, to add that special bit of surf style to their room. Also, whenever they look at it, it will also remind them of you too, as the awesome person who got it for them.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to what surf art you could choose buy them, such as whether you buy them an original piece (which is the more expensive option, but far more personal), or a reproduction print (which is cheaper and more widely available in larger numbers).

Whatever you choose, a surfer is be sure to love a good piece of surf art, so it makes a great surf gift.

For more great surf gift ideas, you can also check out my Surf Gifts Pinterest board, which will be regularly updated with new and exciting ideas for gifts for your favourite surfer, or maybe just for yourself!

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