Carve Fin Art is the website, online gallery and shop for linocut surf fin art prints created by Tom Metcalf.

Hi, welcome and thanks for stopping by my website.

If you’ve found your way to my site, then I’m going to take a guess that it’s probably because you’ve been searching for surf art. 

Maybe you want a piece of art to hang on your wall to remind you of that amazing surf holiday you went on, so that whenever you look at it, it takes you back to that magical time, catching endless perfect waves, or lazing on the beach afterwards, watching the most beautiful sunset with some great new friends. 

Or possibly you’re looking for a unique and personal gift for a friend, who seems to spend more of their time in the water than out of it (and would happily live in the line up if they could), so you want to find the perfect print for them, that captures their love of the surf culture and the joy that the sea brings them. 

Carve Fin Art - Tems Artist Photo

Well, you could be in luck, as that’s what I create.

My name is Tom Metcalf and I’m the artist behind Carve Fin Art, a series of linocut surf fin art prints. I’m a keen surfer and artist, based in Exmouth, Devon, UK and when I’m not busy creating art, you’ll find me out on the water, normally somewhere off the coast of Devon or Cornwall, currently cruising waves on my 5’6” Mini Simmons. As an avid surfer myself, I know how it feels to long to be in the sea and think about it all the time and that’s shown through the development of my surf art, which has been a way for me to put my surf daydreaming to good use, when I can’t be out floating on the sea getting salty.

Carve Fin Art - Surf Artist Tems - Linocut Surf Fin Art

After a near life ending breakdown in 2015, both surfing and art formed a massive part of my recovery, transforming my life and helping me to take care of both my physical and mental wellbeing. In the years since, inspired by the joy and sense of mindfulness that creating art brings me (which itself is a total reflection of why I love surfing so much), I’ve worked at learning, developing and honing my skills as an artist, specialising in creating linocut prints. That means when you buy one of my surf fins, you’re getting a beautiful piece of art, resulting from years worth of experience.

It’s not only the years of practising my craft that ensures you end up with a top quality piece of surf art either, it’s also down to the carefully selected materials that I use.

Throughout my time as a printmaker, I have used a variety of different papers and printing inks and the ones that I use today are those that I feel allow me to get the best quality prints, looking just how I want them to. I also want my prints to look as good in years to come as they do now, so I only use acid free paper and inks with artist grade pigments and binders, giving you peace of mind that with the right care, your print will be looking as bold and beautiful as it does today, long in to the future.

I want it to be as easy as possible for you to hang your beautiful piece of art too, so I also offer mounting of my linocut prints, as part of my service to you (again, using archival conservation grade mount boards and tapes). This means that all you have to do is find the perfect frame for your print and pop it straight in, taking out all the hassle (and expense) of trying to do it yourself, or having to search for and find a framer to do it for you. I learnt how to mount my linocut prints from a professional framer, so that I can be confident in doing it in the best possible way to protect and display the prints and so that you can get a professional level of service at a better price. You can trust me when I say that I take as much care and pride in mounting each print, as I do printing it.

Carve Fin Art - Tems Mounting Linocut Print

After suffering from difficulties with my mental health, I chose to use the surf fin as the focus for my art, as it symbolises stability, control and drive. Just as the fins on a surfboard give a surfer a greater sense of connection to the wave, creating these surf fin prints gives me a greater connection to my path through life too.

Like Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “You can’t control the waves, but you can learn to surf”.

You may also notice that my fins are at an angle too, all slightly tilted upwards. This is again another intentional hidden meaning in each piece and reminder to keep looking up and moving forwards. So, if you’re looking for a piece of art that not only looks great, but has a deeper symbolic story behind it, promoting positivity and thoughts of a better future, then that is exactly what you’ll find in my linocut surf fin art prints.

I truly love what I do and I feel amazingly lucky to have found these things in life that ignite such a passion inside of me, which means that you can be sure that each piece I create is filled with positive energy, good vibes and a healthy dose of stoke.

Click on the link below now, to see all of my linocut surf fin art prints and hopefully you’ll find that perfect piece of surf art you came looking for…

Carve Fin Art - Tems heading out to surf Polzeath
Carve Fin Art - Tems and Laura after surfing Bigbury
Carve Fin Art - Tems surfing Sidmouth
Carve Fin Art - Tems heading out to surf Saunton
Carve Fin Art - Tems and Reef the Whippet surf check Saunton
Carve Fin Art - Tems and Reef the Whippet after surfing Saunton

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