Surf Fin Art For Sale – Shop Now Open

It’s been a busy week here at the Carve Fin Art  studio, but I’m really excited to say that I now have some of my linocut surf fin art for sale on the website. You can find them on the shop page by clicking here, or by clicking on the link below.

– Surf Fin Art For Sale on the Carve Fin Art Shop 

As thrilling as it’s been, it’s also been a pretty nerve-wracking and terrifying time too, as the anxiety of releasing my work to the world kicked in. What would people think of it, what if no one liked it, and what if nobody ever wanted to buy any of it and I’d just be wasting my time thinking I could possibly sell any of it?

In the minutes (which seemed like hours) that followed posting the first link on social media, it didn’t take long for the old doubts and destructive ways of thinking to creep back in.

The thing is, I know that my surf fin art is good and worthy of selling. I wouldn’t have put it up for sale if I didn’t believe in it, as the fear of failure and rejection would have been too great. The truth is that I’ve received really positive feedback from those who’ve seen it (though there’s always a part of me that thinks they’re just being nice and still struggles to take praise well) and I know that it’s work that I’m proud of.  This is especially so, taking into account the effort that has gone into designing, creating and printing each piece, the materials that I’ve used in their production, as well as the quality of the final product. I wouldn’t have even thought about selling it if it wasn’t, but that’s how my mind works sometimes.

Thankfully, I’m really pleased to say that the response has good and I’ve even had a few sales, which has been amazing and beyond my expectations.

So why wasn’t I feeling good about it all? Surely I should’ve been feeling on top of the world?

That’ll be the dark shadow over of a mind that struggles with depression and anxiety and the way it reacts to things. The result of pressure that I’ve put on myself and the thought that I could’ve always done better. The self doubt and low confidence that has made me give up on things so many times before. The way it can somehow seem to make you blind to anything good that is happening, but ultra focussed on even the tiniest negative and thinking that it’s all somehow your fault.

Well not this time brain. This time I’m fighting back and so I’ve decided that this blog post should be dedicated to a celebration of the wins of this week and a focus on the positives, so that I can see the progress I’ve made in the first stages of this journey. After all, it’s still very early days.Thinking about it all like this, I realised what a positive week it had been, so I decided to stop being hard on myself and celebrate instead! Now let’s see what the next week brings…

Wins of the week

– After only having my surf fin art for sale for a few days, I got my first sales, both online and in person.

– Images from the site are now appearing in the results on Google when searching for Surf Fin Art, which will be great for helping more people find the site in the future.

– The Carve Fin Art Facebook page has over 70 likes, so I’d like to show my gratitude and say a massive thank you to all those that have liked it so far.

– People have been showing their support by liking and sharing posts and images on the Facebook page, including people that I don’t know, which has been a very nice surprise and I really appreciate.

– I overcame my anxiety to get in contact with people to try and get my surf fin art for sale in shops and also about working on possible collaborations.

Thinking about it all like this, I was able to realise what a positive week it had been, so I decided to stop being hard on myself and celebrate instead! Now let’s see what the next week brings…


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