Surf Fin Art Gifts – Lessons Learned Through Surf Fin Art

Did Santa Claus leave you any surf fin art gifts in your stocking?

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that those of you who received a piece of my linocut surf fin art as a gift liked your present. It’s really exciting for me as an artist to think of my work bringing joy to other people. If anyone would like to share any photos of my art in its new home, I’d really like to see them, so feel free to send them to me by email via the contact page or through any of my social media pages (links for which can be found at the bottom of this page).

It’s been a busy few weeks behind the scenes here at Carve Fin Art since my last blog update and I’ve learnt some important lessons, one of which I’d like to share with you in this post.

That is, the result of an action is quite often not as important as the action being taken itself.

If you only focus on the outcome, it’s very easy to become frustrated and upset pretty quickly. This can lead to you giving up, when really you should be doing quite the opposite and congratulating yourself for taking a step in the right direction. Let me give you an example, so that you can see what I mean.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sending out emails and contacting people about my surf fin artwork, looking to spread the word about it and hopefully get it into some shops. I’d love it if people were able to pop to their local surf shop and pick out surf fin art gifts for their friends from the Carve Fin Art range of prints next Christmas.

At first, when I didn’t get a response to my emails, I began to feel disheartened and it’s far too easy to do so. The problem was that I was focussing on the outcome, the result of which was out of my control. When I realised this, I chose to look at things a bit differently and this had a massive impact on my outlook over the situation. Rather than thinking about what hadn’t happened, I set my focus firmly on what HAD happened.

I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and been proactive in trying to get my art seen. That was a massive step for someone who a little while ago didn’t want anyone to see it, through fear that it would be rejected or that it wasn’t good enough. With this in mind, I saw what was happening as a positive and not a negative, and rather than stopping, it inspired me to keep on going and try contacting more people.

Another important point to remember here, is that people are busy and things take time. I have to admit that I’m pretty bad at expecting an almost immediate response to everything, even though I know that it’s highly unrealistic to think this way (especially as I know I don’t always do it myself!).

In the end, I heard back from every person I’d contacted and the response was largely positive, which is very exciting and I should have some more news to share with you about that soon. Hopefully by next Christmas, people will be able to buy surf fin art gifts by Carve Fin Art from shops throughout Devon and Cornwall, who knows, maybe even around the world.

So remember, be kind for yourself and give yourself a pat on the back when you’re trying new things and remember to be realistic with your expectations, so that you’re not setting yourself up for a fall. Things can sometimes way exceed your expectations too and that’s awesome, so don’t forget to take time to appreciate that.

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