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Last week I launched my Kickstarter Make 100 Campaign, which is a project to produce 100 limited edition linocut Tiki Idol surf fin art prints. It’s the first time I’ve put any of my surf fin art on Kickstarter, so it’s been a great learning experience for me.

– Tiki Idol Surf Fin Art on Kickstarter –

Make 100 is an opportunity organised by Kickstarter, which runs in January (and is in its second year now), where people, makers and creators, can submit projects to make 100 of something to try and get funding in order to be able to complete the project. I was only made aware of it on the 25th of January, and the deadline was January 31st, so I didn’t have long to come up with an idea for my project, design it and then create the actual Kickstarter campaign itself.

That meant a busy weekend of trying out lots of different surf fin designs, trying to and come up with one that I was totally happy with. I wanted it to be something that fitted in with all my other designs and would look good alongside them, but that was also different enough to be something truly unique by itself too.  I played around with 5 or so ideas, before I settled on a Tiki inspired fin. This went through a number of reworkings before I reached the final image, but I’m really happy with the finished result. I used some of the traditional Polynesian tribal tattoo themes throughout it and there are some other hidden meanings and symbols within it too. I also love the way the tongue holds the two sections together.

With the design completed, it was then time to get working on the actual Kickstarter campaign itself. This is something I hadn’t done before, but I’d seen other projects on it in the past, so I had an idea of what I had to do. It was still a challenge to come up with some of the rewards though and doing all the necessary research to work out the costings for producing some of these, but bit by bit, creating the banner image, filling in the details of each section, writing my bio, etc, it slowly all came together.

Then it was promo video time to finish off my project submission. So much to do, so little time, as it was now Tuesday and the deadline was fast approaching on Wednesday! Of course, it was one of those days where everything I needed was playing hide and seek and all that could go wrong tried it’s hardest to do so.

Firstly, I noticed that I hadn’t created my fin design correctly for the angle it would be printed at. All of my fins are printed on the paper at the same angle, so that there’s a sense of unity to the whole collection when they’re hung next to each other. However, I fit them to the template at the best angle to get the largest fin from the piece lino. For some designs this doesn’t matter, as the pattern doesn’t need to be a certain way for it to look right, but with the tiki face, it really needed to be straight on the paper, or it would’ve just looked odd. This meant I had to go back to the drawing board and rework the original design all over again to fix this. It also meant I had to recreate all of the images where I’d used the fin on the Kickstart campaign. This was a fair bit of work, but I’m glad I noticed it at this point and not further down the line. It also means that I’m more aware and prepared for this with future designs too, which can only be a good thing, even if it did put extra pressure on when time was already tight.

Next, I couldn’t find the tripod, so I had to settle for the camera balanced on a ladder. Then the usb memory card transfer stick had gone awol and the cable wasn’t working, so I had to work out a way to do transfer the video files via WiFi, but the connection kept dropping for no apparent reason. I won’t list everything, but basically, it was just one of those days. However, I persevered and I was able to put together a very simple promo video. I’ll admit, it probably won’t win any awards, but it did what it needed to, in order to introduce my Make 100 campaign and give an overview of what my Tiki Idol Surf Fin Art on Kickstarter project would involve.

With this finished, that was the final piece of my project ready and complete and I was able to check it all through once more before submitting it. Phew, just in time! I was really proud that I’d managed to get it done by the deadline. Then it was time to start trying to work out how to promote my Tiki Idol surf fin art on Kickstarter project, which would surely bring its own challenges!

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